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    2019 SHANTUI DH13K LGP
    • Year: 2019
    • Manufacturer: Shantui
    • Model: DH13K LGP
    • Hours: 560
    • Serial Number: CHSH13K1KL000014
    • Condition: Used
  • Dozer
    2019 SHANTUI DH13K LGP
    • Year: 2019
    • Manufacturer: Shantui
    • Model: DH13K LGP
    • Hours: 27
    • Serial Number: CHSH13K1NKL000011
    • Condition : New
    CAD: $169000.00
    2019 SHANTUI DH16J2 LGP
    • Year: 2019
    • Manufacturer: Shantui
    • Model: DH16J LGP
    • Hours: 2,458
    • Serial Number: CHSH16J1NJL000003
    • Condition: Used
    CAD: $129000.00

Dozers are usually known as bulldozers. These are the most commonly used heavy-duty equipment. Dozers for Sale Bc are equipped with a heavy blade at the front of the tractor. Bulldozers are widely used for Earthmoving, Roadbuilding, Construction & Demolition. Bulldozers can be used for scooping and ditching shallow earth, hauling material over short distances, spreading soil dumped by trucks, rough grading, removing trees, stumps, and boulders, and cleaning & leveling around loading equipment, cutting down trees & snow plowing.
Dozer Benefits:

  • Bulldozers are extremely powerful and multifaceted pieces of machinery.
  • While stretching across rough terrain, the tracks prevent bulldozers from scuttling.
  • They are available with comfortable cabs that can enhance operator safety and control.
  • They are available in several sizes to meet the requirements of multiple projects.
  • It is far cheaper to remove trees with a bulldozer than chopping them down by hand.
  • Bulldozers are less quintessentially easier to operate than other types of machinery.

One of the advantages of a bulldozer is using a variety of attachments. This gives you a lot of flexibility with a single machine and eliminates renting or buying additional equipment. Our bulldozers help to save your money & time by renting the appropriate attachment for the job. The following extensions can be used with a bulldozer:

Straight blades: These are ideal for drifting materials over short or medium distances or for fine grading. There are no curves or side wings on this type of blade.

Angle blade: An angle blade is a versatile tool used for sidecasting materials.

U-blade: A U-blade is used to transport heavy loads over long distances. It is taller and has a curved shape than a straight blade.

Box Blade: A box blade is used for grading and leveling large properties, parking lots, or roadways. For maximum leveling performance, it may include side cutters and front and rear moldboards.

Winch: It is a cable or chain used to lift or haul materials or uproot trees or stumps. It’s attached to the back of a bulldozer.